TERAFLEX Nomad Off-Road Wheel – Deluxe – 5×5” – Each


Weight 37.0 lbs


Round out your build with a set of these tough and durable TeraFlex Nomad Off-Road Wheels. These cast alloy wheels feature a reinterpretation of the classic six-hole design. Engineered with a “form follows function” philosophy resulting in a technical look.

With its modular plug system, the TeraFlex Nomad Off-Road Wheel is the only wheel compatible with our all-new proprietary Air Deflator Valve that allows you to quickly air down your tires to a preset pressure. An adjustment screw allows you to set the preset pressure at any psi as low as 10 psi.


• JL Wrangler (2-door)
• JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)
• JK Wrangler (2-door)
• JT Gladiator (pickup)
• JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)


• Diameter x Width: 17” x 8.5”
• Bolt Pattern: 5×5”
• Offset: 0”
• Back Spacing: 4.75”
• Hub Centric: JL Wrangler/Unlimited and JT Gladiator
• Lug Centric: JK Wrangler/Unlimited
• Finish: Metallic Black


• Nomad Off-Road Wheel – each
• Center Cap (# 1056004)
• Fully encapsulated Schrader Valve Stem Housing & Cap (# 1056001)
• Air Deflator Valve (# 1056000)

Features & Benefits:

Nomad Off-Road Wheel

• Cast from heat treated A356-T6 aluminum
• Strong enough to handle 40” tires
• Locking beads seat knurling allows for safely running lower air pressure
• Lack of “water troughs” prevents water pooling
• Dual-stage clear powder coat w/ UV inhibitors
• Easy to clean finish
• Modular Plug System accepts Air Deflator, Schrader valve, or Plug
• Symmetrical valve holes for balance
• Fully encapsulated Schrader valves to keep out contaminants

Air Deflator Valve:

• Air Deflator Valve allows you to quickly air down your tires to a preset pressure
• Adjustment screw sets spring preload
• Allows pressure to be preset to as low as 10 psi
• Releases up to 40x more air than Schrader valve for quick air down
• O-ring seal ensures air blows contaminates away from air release orifices
• Viton O-ring can be changed w/out disassembly
• O-ring seals pressures up to 3,500 psi
• Black and red anodized finish


• NOT recommended for use with balance beads or fix-a-flat tire sealants.

Nomad Accessories and Replacement Parts:

• Black Rash Ring (# 1056009)
• Center Cap (# 1056004)
• Air Deflator Valve (# 1056000)
• Schrader Valve Stem Housing & Cap (# 1056001)
• Plug (# 1056002)

Nomad Configurations:

• Deluxe – 5×5” – Metallic Black – Each (# 1056059)
• Deluxe – 5×5” – Titanium Gray – Each (# 1056159)
• Base – 5×5” – Metallic Black – Each (# 1056059)
• Base – 5×5” – Titanium Gray – Each (# 1056159)

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