Drivetrains and Differentials Ashland


At INDEPENDENT4x we don’t just talk the talk. We are veteran off-road enthusiasts who bring our hands-on knowledge from the trails into the shop. We can help you decide which locker or limited slip differential might go best with your new gear install. We can also make recommendations on upgraded axels or other reinforcements needed to withstand larger tires and off-road abuse. We are very experienced with ring and pinion installations and have all the necessary tools to do so correctly. We are knowledgeable and can help you select the correct gear ratio that would be best for your tire size and driving style.

Suspensions from Independent4x


Whether you’re trying to upgrade the load capacity of work truck or tow-rig, trying to beef up the suspension to handle the weight for your next overland expedition, or looking for a custom setup for your hard-core off-road rig, at INDEPENDENT4x we are experienced and highly skilled at setting up suspension systems. Are you a death wobble survivor or are you experiencing other adverse effects from poorly set up or worn suspension systems? We are familiar with all these problems and know the specific troubleshooting procedures required to diagnose and repair these issues. We can assist you in determining which lift or leveling kit is right for your truck, Jeep or SUV, based on your intended use and desired performance.

General Automotive Repairs Ashland


Are you afraid that your Jeep won’t pass inspection because of a rusty frame? Does your truck’s steering not feel like it used to? Are you tired of your dash looking like a Christmas tree? At INDEPENDENT4x we have the diagnostic equipment that can troubleshoot all of your electrical problems. We also have skilled welders ready to repair your rusty frames. We can offer OE-spec or heavy-duty upgrade options for your ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, or universal joints that cause the most common drivability problems.

welding, J10, fabrication


At INDEPENDENT4x we LOVE your older vehicles! We are well versed in engine swaps, fuel injection conversions, rewiring, and other “resto/mod” modifications to make your older vehicle a better driver. We offer custom fabrication of bumpers, steps, roll cages, and skid plates for vehicles where there are no bolt-on options available, or you just can’t find what you like.

Auto Maintenance Mechanicsville


Are you purchasing or have just purchased a 4×4 vehicle? Would you like to have an inspection done by a trained professional? Noticing an unusual noise or squeak? Are you preparing for your next off-road trip? We’re here to help with all these things! We can also assist with any of the maintenance needs that your vehicle may have from oil changes, differential services, tire rotations, tune-ups, and many more!

Off-Road Accessories


Bumpers, winches, hitches, lighting, Tonneau Covers, skid plates, overland accessories, recovery gear, audio systems, hard and soft tops, tube doors, side steps, roof racks…we can get any of these to have you ready for your next fishing trip at the beach, camping trip in the mountains, a night out on the town, a work day on the job site, or off-road adventure.


Whether you are wanting to change the level off-road performance or the just the look of your ride, nothing can have a bigger impact than a new set of wheels and tires. At INDEPENDENT4x, we can provide you with all the information you’ll need to select the right size, offset, and style of wheel and tire to suite your needs. We can also assist with diagnosis, replacing, and calibration of faulty tire pressure monitoring system sensors.