Isuzu IFS Heavy Duty Steering


If you 4 wheel, this is a MUST HAVE item! Tie Rod Breakage is the #1 downfall of the front IFS on Isuzu trucks. These Heavy Duty replacements eliminate the issue.

Weight 8.0 lbs


If you 4 wheel, this is a MUST HAVE item! Tie Rod Breakage is the #1 downfall of the front IFS on Isuzu trucks. These Heavy Duty replacements eliminate the issue.

We offer these Upgraded Tie Rods in 3 lengths and cover all Isuzu applications – Listed as Short, Medium, and Long.

This Kit includes the following:

  • 2 Large Alloy Hex Stock adjusters
  • 4 Premium Tie Rod Ends (greaseable)
  • 4 Jam Nuts
  • 4 alloy castle nut shims
  • Zerk fittings & Cotter pins
  • 4 Polyurethane tie rod boots for added durability
Applications: Fits 1st generation Amigo, Rodeo/Passport, Pickup Truck 88-97, All Trooper and VX models 87-2002 (lengths vary by year)
NOTE 1: Does not work with: rack and pinion steering platform trucks: 1998-2004 Rodeo, Amigo, Rodeo Sport, Honda Passport, Axiom
NOTE 2: Outer Boot Tearing due to excessive front end lift: Trucks with excessive amounts of front end lift (torsion bars cranked over 2-2.5″) will experience premature dust boot failure on the outer tie rod. In these extreme suspension set-ups the tie rods are forced to operate at severe angles and the larger size tie rod ends can pinch outer boot against the under side of steering knuckle tearing off the boot. Customer’s choosing to lift the front end to the maximum end of the truck’s capability accept this as a fact (along with excessive wear on many other parts such as ball joints, CV axles, etc.). As a preventative modification or possible solution to this issue, the underside of the knuckle surface can be ground at a taper toward the frame to alleviate some of the sharp “square” edge and severe angle. This modification will prolong boot life. Also of note…..with stock to mild lift, customer’s are not finding the boots to be an issue. For any further clarification, feel free to call us on this.
NOTE 3: Outer Boot Tearing due to stretched or worn taper in knuckle:  In some cases the tapered hole in the factory knuckle can become over sized or worn over time causing the tie rod to sink deeper into the taper than the original spec. In these cases customer’s may see a premature tearing of the outer boot against the under side of the knuckle. Knuckle should be replaced, or taper should be repaired with a tapered insert.
NOTE 4: Outer Boot Tearing due to lack of front bump stops or modifications for “added” down travel:  More down travel equals more angle on critical components. In these suspension set-ups YES, you will most likely rip the outer boots off of the tie rods.
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