GENESIS Universal Dual Battery Kit


Weight 20.0 lbs


Universal Dual Battery Kit 200 Amp Isolator Genesis Offroad.

Batteries sold separately. Matching Group 34 batteries are required.

This is the most complete and easiest to install dual battery system on the market. This version has a heavy duty battery tray that you mount into your application.

Completely pre-wired out of the box
Boost switch included, jump start your vehicle off your second battery
Power and Ground bus bars make it easy to connect accessories
Smart Isolator automatically handles all charging functions
Interface port pre-wired for the G Screen monitoring system
Best quality wires, tin-plated copper connectors, sealed heat shrink tubing
Powder coated for durability
Proudly made in the USA
The top cover plate has several innovative features in a simple package. All of the wiring has already been done for you, and the smart isolator comes pre-installed. The welded gussets on top have holes with grommets to route the wires directly to the correct battery post, so there’s no guess work involved to make the connections. Use the extra grommets for routing your own accessory wires cleanly and neatly to the power and ground bus bars. High quality battery terminal connectors are soldered and crimped to the flexible 2 gauge wire connecting the batteries together. With all the wiring integrated into the top plate, servicing your batteries has never been easier. Simply pull the terminals off the battery posts, remove the 4 easily accessible stainless fasteners securing the lid, and all the wiring can be lifted up and out of the way to service your batteries when necessary.
The included smart isolator gives you automatic control of all the charging functions with no interaction required.

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