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Pre-assembled Automatic Case
Pre-assembled Automatic Case

Isuzu Revolution Gear 3:1 Ratio Auto Trans T-Case

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We have a number of 1992 - 1997 Isuzu Trooper Automatic transmission Transfer Cases with NEW Revolution Gear 3:1 Low Range gear sets installed. This is a no hassle, low cost way to get our LOW Transfer Case gear set Proffessionally installed!  Just swap cases and fill with oil.
INDEPENDENT4x proudly offer the world's only Isuzu transfer case LOW RANGE Gearing kit.

The Revolution Gear kit changes the factory transfer case's low range from the stock 2.0:1 ratio by over 50% to a new Low of 3.07:1. With over 50% more reduction you will enjoy greater control on offroad obsticles, increased torque and power in 4 LOW, and improved hill climbing ability.

  • New Low Range Gear Kit 
  • complete Isuzu Automatic Transfer Case
  • 2 Quarts Full Synthetic 5w30 Oil
  • Decal

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