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Isuzu Dana 44 Master Install Kit : 1993-1997

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Switch Pinion Yoke
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1310 Joint U-Bolt Yoke [+$75.00]
1330 Joint Strap Yoke [+$95.00]
1350 Joint U-bolt Yoke [+$105.00]
Add 3.92+ Open Carrier
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3.92+ Ratio Open Carrier (bare case) [+$100.00]
3.92+ Ratio Open Carrier (complete w/ internals)) [+$250.00]
This kit allows the installation of standard "thin"or "thick" Dana 44 ring and pinion in the 1993-1997 Isuzu rear Dana 44 axle housings used in the Rodeos & Honda Passports

Yoke compatibility:

The stock Isuzu pinion flange uses a round bolt pattern. The Original Pinion Yoke form the '93-'97 axle can be re-used with a standard D44 gear set. There are also a couple of different options to convert this to a different D44 yoke for custom applications:

  • Retain the Isuzu factory pattern round yoke from the Dana 44 in Rodeo: 1993-1997 
  • You can also use a standard Dana 44 U-bolt or strap style yoke, available in multiple U-joint sizes (1310, 1330, 1350, etc.) (driveshaft modifications may apply)
Carrier compatibility:

The factory Isuzu axle will either have a 4.10 or 4.30 ratio (thick gear) on a 3.73 and down ratio carrier. You will need to have a matching 3.92+ carrier for the new thin gear. You cannot set up a standard thin gear on the factory carrier unless you swap to a 3.92+ carrier. 

If you wish to re-use your factory open or Trac-Lok limited slip carrier you MUST order a THICK gear if available in your intended ratio change

There are a couple of options for this:
  • Use an open or LSD 3.92+ ratio carrier 
  • Use a 3.92+ full carrier Locker (ARB, Detroit, etc.)
  • Use a THICK gear on the factory 3.73- carrier
for use with standard D44 ratios

Also Note: Isuzu uses a different pinion bearing that is exclusive to this housing.....this bearing is included in this kit.

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