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ARB Premium Recovery Glove

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Part Number:GLOVEMX
The ARB Recovery glove provides knuckle protection as well as palm protection with molded rubber impact guards. These gloves use high quality synthetic materials to reduce abrasion and wear, as well as increase comfort on your hand. The high abrasion resistant material on the inside palm of the glove works well with wire or synthetic rope winch cables. Added protection to the palm and fingers provide a safe, yet good dexterity glove with a firm fitment which reduces pinching hazards. The cuff is embedded with the ARB Recovery logo and high quality touch tape fastener to keep the glove firmly fitted. Finished in a breathable microfiber and ARB HiVis Recovery Orange (which is great for marshalling or spotting operations), these gloves will complement your already excellent ARB recovery range.

• High quality synthetic materials with abrasion resistance.
• Molded impact guards for fingers and back of hand
• Strengthen wear points and added abrasion pads to wear points.
• (XL) One size fits all, touch tape fastener to provide better fitment for different hand types.
• Breathable shell to keep your hands comfortable.
• Hi-Vis finish for sight protection during marshalling and spotting operations..
• Reminder: Gloves are not a substitute for good safety practices and techniques, but are part of being
prepared and using the appropriate equipment for the job. Gloves should be fitted anytime there is a
potential hazard e.g. winching, in recovery situations, moving a tree branch, rolling a rock in front of a tire
or splitting logs with an axe. Always Safety first.

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