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ARB Air Locker: Dana 60

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Axle Application
Dana 60: 30 Spline 4.56 & Up (RD162)
Dana 60HD: 35 Spline 4.10 & Down (RD167)
Dana 60HD: 35 Spline 4.56 & Up (RD166)
Dana 60HD: 40 Spline 4.10 & Down (RD189)
Dana 60HD: C-clip 35 Spline 4.56 & Up (RD168)
The complete Air Locker kit including replacement ARB differential, activation switch, solenoid valve, air line and bulkhead fittings. 

Please note - not all units are supplied with replacement carrier bearings. 



  • Provides 100% traction on demand without affecting on road drivability or driveline wear
  • Vastly improved traction means less reliance on momentum, which reduces the likelihood of vehicle damage and environmental impact
  • Easy, convenient operation allows the user to concentrate on the terrain without leaving the comfort and safety of the driver’s seat
  • Ultra durable and extremely strong - only the highest quality materials used in construction
  • Incredibly simple yet effective design that employs minimal moving parts, thereby ensuring maximum reliability
  • Thoroughly tested and proven design – trusted and used in over 80 countries around the world
  • Front and rear Air Lockers available for most makes and models
  • 4WD & 2WD applications

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